Wedding games on your smartphone – 3 ideas

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90% of all wedding guests have their smartphone with them.  We have started to search for suitable ideas for wedding games with smartphone. The result is 3 game ideas that you won’t find in other guides.

1 | Let the wedding guests use AskNVote  to ask the bride and groom questions and decide which questions to ask

AskNVote Eventlogin en
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AskNVote is a simple tool with which guests can ask questions and rate the questions of other guests. You can use the tool to collect questions from the guests to the bridal couple during the wedding. The bride and groom will then answer the best rated questions from the guests.

Here’s how it works

As the organizer of the game, you register with AskNVote.

There, you create the wedding as an event. You choose the title for the welcome page and write some words of welcome for participants. When you create the event, you will be shown the web address for the guests. The last part of the address can also be set by yourself.

You can send the link to the welcome page to the other guests via WhatsApp, for example. From there, they can click on ☆ to get to the questions page.

Alternatively, print out a QR code. You can do this very nicely on a DIN A6 flyer or a postcard printed on one side.  🛈 Send the link to the guests you know before the party, so that they can think of some funny questions.

Have the wedding organizer give you a time slot when you can start your game. 15-20 minutes is enough time for you to ask the best questions.

Then, at the ceremony, ask the bride and groom to come forward and go to the AskNVote event question page on your smartphone or tablet. If you have a computer or beamer available, you can also do this directly from your computer.

Ask the best rated questions to the bride and groom.

AsknVote Flyer


① Show the bridal couple the questions in advance. They can then come up with a funny answer in advance. If they do not like a question, they can also agree with you not to ask certain questions at all. Despite all the coordination by the guests: The bridal couple decides.

② Encourage the other guests to participate in the game with their own questions during your conversations during the day. Show them how to get to the questions page with their smartphone and think together with them which questions are suitable.

③ They should not be able to answer the questions with one word. The game is about bringing beautiful, moving, interesting things to light. Questions about experiences, events, feelings, backgrounds are interesting for the listeners.

At a glance

  • Have the couple answer the guests’ questions
  • Very easy handling
  • Nice topic of conversation throughout the day

To print the QR code for a web address

Search for a QR code generator, such as

Copy and paste the web address into the input field on the QR Code Generator page

You can download the generated QR Code as an image file and print it yourself or create a nice postcard or DIN A6 flyer with the QR Code. On MyPostcard, you can for example design and order postcard sets in small quantities.

To distribute the web address, you can also simply display the QR code as an image on your smartphone. Another guest can take the picture of the QR code with their smartphone. Many camera apps automatically recognize QR Codes and display. Unfortunately this does not work with all smartphones. Just try it out.

QR-Code Beispiel

2 | Create a kudo board with the wedding guests during the ceremony

kudoboard en

You might know kudos from kudo cards. These are business card-sized cards that you use to express appreciation, gratitude, or praise to the recipient of the card. This is also available online and is called Kudo Board.

And here’s how it goes

As the organizer of the action, you register with and create the Kudo Board.

You can send the link of the board via WhatsApp to the other guests or print out a QR code to distribute at the wedding.

The guests can use the link to create a Kudo Card with fresh pictures of the day and their greetings and wishes. During the ceremony, everyone can see the Kudo Board and follow its development.

When the wedding is over, you can download the Kudo Board as a pdf and send it to the couple by mail.


If you prepare the board at home, you can send the link and information about the use of the board to known guests in advance. This gives them the chance to think of something funny.

At a glance

  • Attach the Kudo cards with picture and text via smartphone to a digital board
  • Simple handling
  • Nice topic of conversation upon creation of the board
  • Download finished board as Pdf

3 | Interview the wedding guests with Mentimeter and show the results live

Mentimeter Multiple Choice en
Mentimeter Multiple Choice Result en

Mentimeter is an online presentation tool with which you can immediately evaluate the feedback of the participants. You can use it as an organizer of a game at a wedding ceremony to ask the wedding guests questions. Mentimeter supports multiple-choice questions with a bar or pie chart as the result.

How to prepare yourself

As the organizer of the wedding game, you register with Mentimeter for preparation. You should do this in peace and tranquillity from home to explore the possibilities.

Create a new presentation. For each page of your presentation, you choose the type of interview. Examples and explanations of the different types of surveys and feedback can be found on the Mentimeter help page.

Enter your question and answer options for the guests. At the top of the page, you will see the numeric access code for your guests.

Have the wedding organizer give you a time when you can start your game and also think about computers and beamers and their placement in the hall.

This is how you play the game

At the beginning of the game, you start the presentation on your computer and show it to the guests via the beamer.

The guests open the page on their smartphone and enter the code to access the survey. After entering the code, they see the first question and the possible answers.

The current results of the survey are displayed live via the beamer and updated as soon as another answer is received from one of the guests.

Just like in a PowerPoint presentation, you control when the next page and thus the next question to the wedding guests will arrive.


In addition to the multiple-choice questions, there are several other survey types, e.g. word clouds, sliders, rankings, image selection. If you deal with the different types, you will surely have more good ideas about what you can do with your guests. It is really worthwhile to invest some preparation time.

Mentimeter Types

At a glance

  • Ask questions to the guests and show their feedback live
  • Requires some training for the organizer
  • Several ways to use the tool creatively
  • Prepare beamer and computer for the presentation

Important! Check Internet access

For all games, guests need an internet connection. Ask the wedding organization if this is available at the location.

Peter Zwosta

Author: Peter Zwosta, AskNVote