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Chronobiology examines periodic processes in the human organism. Morning people and the evening people are two of the most well-known chronotypes. We don’t need an academic background to know about their behavioural preferences.

Think about theories like Biorhythm whatever you want. Everyone has experienced periods with more and less energy in their daily lives.

You and your colleagues at work certainly know whether you belong to the Early Birds chronotype or are a Night Owl.

It without any doubt is important to know about your chronotype. Think about a job where the other team members are productive as hell in the mornings, while you – chronotype Night Owl – are fighting with a lack of oxygen. No good karma :-)

The More You Learn the Better Your Plans

When are your most productive hours and when does it make sense to give your brain a break? Do you know which hours of the day are the best for your most challenging tasks? Which days of the week are most suitable for easy, recurrent tasks? To know better, use a method with a systematic approach.

Some years ago, Chris Bailey wrote about this topic in his article How to calculate your Biological Prime Time – the time of the day you’re the most productive. He proposed to monitor your energy level over a period of three weeks.

Chart Your Energy Level over a 3-Week Period with myEnergy360

Brilliant idea. There are several proposals on how to do that. Chris Bailey mentions an approach using Google Forms. Yulia Yaganova from Trello provides an Excel sheet with her article How To Find Your Most Productive Hours.

I liked the idea of monitoring one’s energy level a lot but wasn’t too happy with the tools provided. You’ll find a free and easy to use monitoring tool at (as a Progressive Web App). Choose your hourly energy level from being asleep to 10 (full power). Get a chart about your best and worst hours of the day and another one showing the best and worst days of the week.

Where Do We Save Your Data?

MyEnergy360 saves your data on Google Firebase. If you want to delete your data, open the settings page of myEnergy360 and delete your myEnergy360 cloud account.

Feel free to share what you’ve learnt from monitoring your energy level.

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